At Lasergran we are responsible for finding the best technical solutions, not only in machining processes but also in management processes for the industrial sector in accordance with new technologies and materials. This means we can undertake the orders entrusted by our customers effectively and in the shortest time possible.

Our 50 years of experience in manufacturing processes such as machining, has earned us prominence in the sector. This makes us a reference for companies in search of quality work, quality of finished parts, fast delivery times, and a clear focus on customer service.

At Lasergran, apart from the machining process, we have other cutting services such as laser cutting, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting and waterjet cutting. In addition, we also have bending service, manufacturing of semi-finished and final products, and surface finishing.



We have modern CNC machining, lathe and milling centers, as well as a complete set of conventional machinery to fulfil any order.


We manufacture precision parts for clients in multiple industries such as capital goods manufacturers, food, Iron and steel, furniture, among others.


We provide the highest quality products, punctuality in delivery times, and a considerable reduction in production costs.