We manufacture everything from single part to the most sophisticated machinery

Thanks to our loyalty program, our customers will be able to benefit, among other things, from the possibility of manufacturing and assembling semi-finished and end products.

The wide range of services that Lasergran proposes, in addition  to its commitment to producing products of the highest quality, increasingly the likelihood of our clients to entrust us with projects, from the production of parts to the final assembly of the product, including:

In addition to the subassembly works, we also offer final product assembly, which includes the use of commercial elements such as:

  • Bearings.
  • Transmission and Power elements (gear motors, motors, etc.).
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic components.
  • Electrical and electronic equipment.

All manufacturing work is are carried out at our production sites, with own staff and machinery and without outsourcing to third parties.


  • Homologation in Metallic Structures – UNE-EN 1090-1.
  • Placement of electro-welded and riveted inserts.
  • Welding with Electrode, MIG, TIG, Resistance by points and Oxyacetylene.
  • Welding with pulsed Arc machines.
  • Continuous punching and metal drawing operations.
  • Different roll bending machines for thick and thin sheet metal.
  • Mechanical adjustments for final assemblies.
  • Specialists in pneumatics, hydraulics, electricity and electronics.