Lasergran´s commitment to working in compliance with the current ISO and UNE regulations, guide us in our operations. It is a guarantee of safety and quality, and places us in a better situation on the global stage. Worker health and safety, system quality, and responsible environmental management are issues that concern and influence us all.

We have a Quality Department that continuously examines the compliance of all regulations and carefully supervises each step of the production process, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.


Quality Management System ISO 9001

At Lasergran we are dedicated to continuous process improvement and to providing the best quality customer service. In order to achieve this, we apply the ISO 9001 regulation that provides us with a great number of advantages:

  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement of processes.
  • Reduction of rejections and incidents in production.
  • Productivity increase.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001

Our devotion to respect the environment is absolute, and therefore, in our production chain we apply a series of guidelines from which we can maintain an Environmental Management System. The set of applied regulations are subjected to ISO 14001, through which we review all the management aspects of our company in relation to our environmental responsibilities, in order to improve our environmental behaviour.

Safety and Health at Work System ISO 45001

The application of ISO 45001 helps us to identify, prioritize and manage occupational health and safety as part of our common business practices. The regulations allows us to establish, maintain and improve a Health and Safety Management System to standardize the policy and to demonstrate compliance.

Steel and Aluminium Structures Execution UNE-EN 1090 and Thermal Cutting (Laser)

Lasergran is accredited to carry out the CE Marking of structural steel and aluminum components manufactured under Factory Production Control. The verification of the quality of the Thermal Cut of our equipment complies with the requirements defined in the standard for execution class EXC4, specifically with regard to the perpendicularity of the cut, roughness of the same and hardness of the free edge.

Welding of railway vehicles and components UNE-EN 15085

We carry out the welding of metallic materials during the construction and maintenance of railway vehicles and their components, under the provisions required in the series of standards EN ISO 3834. We provide reports of inspections and tests (destructive and non-destructive) carried out in the welds, as well as the declaration of conformity of the products, issued by an IWE International Welding Engineer.

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